about - Andre Van Vuuren
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I am ruled by my observations of man, by this I mean not the physical image of a human being, but rather what is behind his image. The human face is a landscape. What we see, is not necessarily the truth. What we can’t see underneath the façade is where we find truth.

I figure that a person spends a great deal of time during his life dealing with problems. Relationships, politics, environmental issues, wars and aggression and so many more, real or imagined. Very little time is spent being happy.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama

My work is mostly concerned with the human being dealing with living and life. When I look back in time to the recent Covid pandemic I am still astounded by the way in which ordinary people exposed themselves to danger to help others with little or no regard for their own safety. I am equally horrified by the slaughter on the battlefield in the pursuit of avarice and historical boundaries. Every human being has the right to a place of safety without the threat of invasion by another.

I paint the pictures that I would like to keep for myself but I am also delighted that others would buy them and identify with my thought process. Every painting that is sold then exists in a different time and space. Sometimes I return to a previous creation and work on it further, changing the identity of the work. I do not paint with any preconceived idea or image but rather let my mind, eyes, and emotions guide my brush. It’s a little like finding unexplored roads on a journey.